Nr Comment
c1 With crypto currencies, it is now possible to transfer value very easily between two participants, without third party dependencies; this new technology is not yet fully understood by most industry actors. It is disruptive and it makes implementing a barter economy quite simple.
c2 NXT was the first implementation of POS (Proof Of Stake) in 2013 (as opposed to Proof Of Work); and since now, it has worked quite smoothly. It is a beautifull technology, and totally underused. At a time, the NXT currency was number 3 on CoinMarketCap.

There are many reasons why BTC is still used :
  • BTC was first on the market
  • BTC was a gate to the others currencies, therefore to get NXT, you had to first get BTC
  • promotion for Proof Of Stake was not sufficient, explain why POW is just a big waste
c3 Most of the time, the computer owner is not conscient of the fact that his machine has huge capacities, even the lowest on the market. An easily atteinable objective would be 1 or 2 EUR per day; to do this, the first task is to enable server capacities (see XAMPP).
c4 If you go to the Nxt-Ardor forums, you can see that it has 16'600 users (as of April 2019). Most of them are inactive but I think the others could help to promote a more interesting use of NXT, ARDOR and IGNis, by the simple the fact that they are geographically splitted around the globe.
c5 In 2013, it was an error for Nxters to wait until they would be found and used by big corporations in the real life. At the time, cryptos like BTC were fighting against very strong winds, dark use, drugs, and terrorism where wrongly said to be the sole users. Retrospectively, we should have had some devs implementing a real world use. We were ready then and we still are !